miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

Picture Description

In this picture there are 3 children having funn in a festival in Singapure. In the  foreground there are 2 little girls from Singapure and there is 1 foreing little boy.  In the backkground there are the girls parents.I think that the  little boy is looking at his parents who are taking him a picture. On the other hand, the two girls are  posing to the photo. All of them have their body painted because it is the tradition of this festival. I cant see clearly what is happening in the background.
The caption says "I wish this festival will last forever!" . i agree with this opinion beecause when you are enjoying the time  with the family and friends you never want to stop maving fun.

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Health:" Alcohol drinking in teenagers is becoming more and more serious topic in England"

By Diego, Tuesday 25 september 2015

England: It is a very tourist place with many young people.
The place has a big problem wit the teenagers because they drink so mucho alcohol, the most problem is in the night , because teens under 18 drinking and provoke so much unrest, this problem is because they drink to socialise with other people ond most of them bought alcohol under 18, and it is ilegal to sell it to them.
The problem is so epensive, because it is an image of England that is not so good.
These people , who drink wher they are young , in the future probably  are going to alcoholis, because this affects all your life, and it will be an adiction and the effect are permanent to the body.

In England they cant sel alcohol to people under 18, the exception is :"For some under 18 to drink alcohol you need licensed permises... and be acompanied by an adult.
Most people thhe community think:" If youn people get caught with alcohol three time they could face a social contract , a fine or be arested.
It is an important topic for the health of teenagers because it affects the neurons of his body and it is imposible to review, many doctors say: it is an ireversible problem for the brain and it can affect the psycological and physical abilities. it is so seriously because it is about the life and  the future of this young people

Picture description

Sin título

In the picture is a stong man, thats showing his arm. He is probably a bodybuilder. We can suppose that he is an the gym because in the background there ara training machine and I think he is a ñifting weight to have biger muscles. On the right we can see that he is weearing a blue tshirt and a black weightlifting gloves.  I n the top right corner this man is smailing because he is happy about his progress and what he has achived. I think that this man has bigorexia and and obsession whit his body, it seems that he has.
Selfesteem problems and lack of confidence
The caption says " Nothing is going ti stop me from achiving my goal" , this caption describe his personal objetives, and we suppose that nothing will stop him to achive his goal

Brochure London

An ancient but beautiful city with its own charm!

One of the unique places to visit is the Big Ben where you can take beautiful pictures.

Another magical place is “The London Eye” a giant Ferris Wheel that lets you see the whole city from the top.

People in London are very nice, cheerful and easy to talk to, they are always up to help someone who needs it, which helps if you’re a tourist.

A very convenient place to eat at in London is called “Pret A Manger”, a very cheap but good place to buy sandwiches, etc.

Oxford Street is a very good place to shop, there’s tons of shops and for everyone’s liking.

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Chapter 10

1 ) the risk that Donals refers, it is because biko go at night on a place that are only for with people.

2) Manpetls hanged himself, but no one kwno what happens with she, because she was found in a prision, and she was hanged

3) I think that in the chapter 11 , some one caught biko and he habe many problems in the chapter

martes, 27 de octubre de 2015


Dear diary
I am a boy whose parents arranged a marriage with an unknown girl. In my religion is a tradition that the parents plan the marriage og ther children, i dont know why this tradition is obligatory for all the chilldren. I dont know alot what happens if a chil doesnt follow this tradition of this religion.
I dont know what to do, because i dont want this marriage. It is so difficult to me to understand that I marrig with an unknow girl. Her name is Peppa , that is all i kwno about her, i dont know if she is skinny, or fat, if she is toll or small. I dont kwno if i eill like her when i see her.
I dont know what I can do now eith this situation. I dont want to marrig at this age. I am evaluating tocconfron my family, because i dont eant this the rest of my life, because it is difficult to me to accept this.
Now, i will tell you how it happened. When i turned eighteen yeaes old my parentsinvited me to a dinner to celebrate , but they had other intentions. They started a conversation about marriage and they tell me a story of a girl who i dont kwno, but they told me that in the future i would marriage her. I said what i dont want to marriage her, because i dont know how she is, and they saild to me that it is a obligatory , because it i a tradition of our religions and it is obligatory for me. 
Now i dont keno ehat i can do!

sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

Picture Descriptio

hello im Diego Corvalan and I will descrie this picture, that is abaut a festival that are tradition of india.
First of all, I will describe the foreground of the pictire.
In the foreground we can see 4 girls that are painting their face with colors, because is a traditon in India. On the left side ther is a girl that is a friend or an unknows what is painting his face with red color  with his hands. In de middle we can see the arms of the girls that ae painting. On the top of the middle there is 1 of the girls that see how her friends are painting ther face, and are 2 arms that we cant see whose they, that are traying to painting anothher girl. Onund ther are the left there are 2 girls with a rare face of disgust or to make feel uncemfortable , because there are 2 hands in her face with blue paint, and the other girll that we can see has a pleasure face to try paint other people.
In the background ther are more people that are painting ther faces and ther  are a graffiti of the ame of the tradition.
This tradition is a culture diversity because it is a tradition of an other country.  They have other traditions like the photo. This tradition is diversity because, it is own of the country and in the photo we can see the diversity.
I have never been in a tradition like this, but I can see other activity that are similar like to this, and I
 think it is so funny to participate in activity like this.